Sharge is a platform where people can share their charging stations using blockchain technology.

On one hand, we have developed an innovative product to let providers share their charging stations, the Sharger.

On the other hand we have an app with a simple interface for electric cars users, that has 3 main features:

iconos sharger app-01.png

The Search Engine

The search engine is one of the most important features of Sharge, it allows to search all the private charging stations.

iconos sharger app-02.png


Trips, an easy way to travel  when you want to make a long trip with your electric vehicle, you just need to put the place where you want to go and the departure time. And Sharge will start creating for you a roadmap with the estimated charging stations that you will need to stop & charge.

iconos sharger app-03.png

Instant Booking

Instant Booking is a new and innovative option which will automatically book the most appropriate charging station for you. By the location of its mobile, we will know that the provider is near the sharger so then he is able to open any user. And in less than 10 minutes the electric cars’ users will be able to start charging their cars.